Commercial Oil Press Machine | Oil Press Machine for Commercial Use VI-6500(A)

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Key Features:
    • Cold Oil Press Machine with Heater
    • Premium Cold-Pressed Oil Extraction
    • High Capacity
    • Built-in Heating System
    • Robust and Hygienic Design
    • User-Friendly Operation
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  • The VI-6500(A) is a specialized Cold Oil Press Machine equipped with a built-in heater, meticulously designed for premium cold-pressed oil extraction on a high-capacity scale.
  • With its substantial capacity, it is tailored for large-scale commercial and industrial production, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality cold-pressed oil.
  • This oil press machine for commercial use excels at preserving the natural qualities of ingredients, safeguarding the nutritional value and flavor of the oil.
  • Featuring a built-in heating system, it maintains precise temperature control during extraction, optimizing the efficiency of the cold pressing process.
  • The VI-6500(A) accommodates a diverse range of oilseeds, making it versatile for various culinary and industrial applications in the food and oil industry.
  • Its construction places a strong emphasis on both hygiene and durability, with removable parts that facilitate easy cleaning, ensuring compliance with stringent food safety standards.
  • User-friendly operation simplifies control and monitoring, making it accessible to operators with varying levels of expertise.
  • Safety features such as emergency stop buttons and overload protection are integrated to prioritize operator safety during operation.
  • Despite its heating system, the NS-6500A is designed with energy efficiency in mind, contributing to reduced operational costs.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements minimize downtime, enabling uninterrupted and cost-effective production.

Technical Specification
Specification Value
Model VI-6500(A)
Capacity 3000 to 6500 KG/24 HR (single time crushing Depends on seeds)
Voltage 440v
Weight 700 Kg
Motor Power 11 KW
Heater Power 3.2 KW
Dimension 1860*830*1275 mm
Type Automatic
components Motor, Motor Belt, Hopper, Hopper Belt, Motor Stand, Motor Safety Cover, Control Panel


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