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Choose the Best Oil Extractor Machine for Your Specific Application

An oil extraction machine is one of the most popular extraction tools today. These extraction machines have revolutionized the oil industry because it save time and increase productivity and profits. In fact, with these machines, companies can extract more oil from a single area instead of extracting it in several different places. To get an oil extractor that suits your needs the best, you need to consider certain factors like the machine’s capacity, efficiency, the quality of the product, etc.

Oil extractor machines that satisfy your needs

1. Cold Press machine. During the entire oil extraction process, especially when the cold press oils are pressed out, the pressed seeds are crushed with extreme pressure. The pressure exerted to crush the seeds is maximum with this machine so that the oil will lose its flavor and natural goodness.

2. Levo ii. The second type of oil press machine is the Levo ii. It is quite efficient than the cold press machines, although many people prefer the cold press method because it is less time-consuming. The Levo ii machine doesn’t actually press the oil; it pushes it into the ground as it is placed. This machine does have a disadvantage; generally, its price is higher than the other machine types.

3. Peanut press. The third type of machine is the peanut press. Although the cold pressing process is less time-consuming, it does not ensure good quality oil extraction because the seed is crushed using too much pressure. In the case of the peanut press machine, it pushes peanut buttermilk from the container using a pump. The buttermilk will be collected into a container through a tube, ensuring that the peanut paste is completely separated from the peanuts and any residue. However, this superior quality peanut butter is only sold in limited quantities and priced very high.

4. Advance press machine. The last type is the oil pressing machine which is ideal for wide applications. This machine has a wide application because it can handle many seeds – from sunflowers to peanuts. This machine also has a distinct advantage over the other machines because it can process a wide variety of nuts simultaneously. The seeds are cracked, and the oil is extracted while the shell is left. However, the price is slightly higher than the other types, making it an expensive choice.


There are various other types of machines that are available. Those on the lower price level have fewer features, making them more suitable for small-scale operations. Those on the higher price level have more features and perform better. For instance, the cold press peanut and olive oil extraction machine have a manual mode, which is more appropriate for home users. Before buying an oil extraction machine, you have to consider your specific requirements and the amount of time you will invest.

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