4 Benefits of Cold Press Oil Machine for Home

The cold press oil machine is one of those tools that aren’t a luxury but a necessity for people who wish to live a healthy and thus, happy life. It’s time for you to bid goodbye to those refined oils available in the market and welcome a brand new cold press oil machine for home. It is easy to operate, saves, labour and is available at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn about more benefits of the latest cold press oil machine for home.

What is cold press oil?

Before learning about the main benefits of a cold press oil machine for home, it is important to learn about cold press oil. This type of oil is considered to be healthier than others since it is produced at much lower temperatures or none at all. Usually, the oil production process requires heating the ingredients at very high temperatures, which tends to degrade the original flavour, colour, and nutritional value of the product. This is however, not the case with cold press oil. Thus, it is considered healthier and superior than other oils.

4 benefits of cold press oil machine for home

The cold press method is the best and healthiest way to extract oil. Thus, buying a good oil machine for home will always be a good idea. Go through the following uses of a cold press oil machine and who knows, we might convince you to really buy one.

  1. It extracts high quality oil – As discussed already, cold press oil machine doesn’t use high temperatures to extract oil, which means that the quality of the ingredient remains to be quite high and nutritional. The cold press oil is thus, known for its purity and composition. The extracted oil is known for boosting immunity and has cancer fighting properties amongst other uses.
  2. It produces oil at maximum capacity – What we mean is that this mini oil press machine is exclusively designed to extract maximum oil with minimum raw material. Since the seeds aren’t exposed to high heat, they contain high volume and do not damage the raw material. The conventional way of oil extraction destroys the same, which degrades its quality and value. Thus, it is the best oil-making machine for business purposes too.
  3. It can also be used as a hot press – Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying this tool is that it can be used as both cold or hot oil-making machine. Yes, you can amp up the temperature after adding the seeds and you shall have hot pressed oil for yourself which is edible and better than the refined oil available in the market.
  4. It is time and energy-saving – It only takes a few hours to extract oil from the machine, which saves quite a lot of time and energy. The use of this machine is known to reduce electric power by 40% which saves about an average of 6 degrees per hour.


To put it simply, oil extraction via cold press method has countless health benefits and thus, should be used in every household. There are no chemicals added in the entire process and this alone makes it stand apart from other oil-making tools. So, go ahead and buy the best ones from our store.

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